Happy birthday

As a yearly tradition, I write a new version of „happy birthday“ to send to my friends.

Each year’s version tackles a different style, musical challenge or musical form.

2013: Polyphonic happy birthday

The happy birthday tune is treated as a tenor line for a three-part polyphony.

Can’t hear the hidden tune? See the score!

2014: Canonic happy birthday

The tune is used again as a tenor, but the other two voices play in canon.

2015: Mensural canonic greetings

In a mensural canon the same melody is played twice against itself at different speeds. In this case the happy birthday tune gets to be played as a mensural canon while a superius and a bass line complete the polyphony to four voices.

Can’r hear the mensural canon? See the Score!

2016: Cumpleaños latino

Latino-style arrangement of happy birthday.

2017: Greetings in fugue

3-voice fugue upon happy birthday.

2018: Tarantella beneaugurante

Tarantella with happy birthday hidden in the mandolin.

2019: Satie greetings

Happy birthday homage to the beloved Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie

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